Discover a new way of managing payroll online.

Payroll management for the digital era. is a modular platform that has been created for payroll managers in fiduciaries and companies managing their own payroll. makes your company fit for the digital era by decoupling payroll management from paper.

By providing your clients with an easy to use tool, re-defines payroll management and facilitates time-savings of 40% or more by eliminating error-prone manual steps.

Imagine verifying, importing, calculating, generating and dispatching payslips through a secure and gdpr-compliant cloud storage system that doubles as a permanent archive – for hundreds employees in less than 10 minutes.

Quick glance at

  • Web-based, no installation required
  • Per-client timecodes customization
  • Per employee workweek templates
  • Auto-fill for regular work-time
  • Support for multiple contracts & amendments
  • Support for down-payments and bonuses
  • Attach files and add comments to any day
  • Input and data validation
  • GDPR-compliant payroll management
  • Doubles as a permanent archive for your documents
  • Full integration with Windows™ & Mac
  • Support for mouse-less operation
  • Full integration with Softkis SM3
  • Zero-config payslip splitting and dispatching
  • E-mail notifications for company-managers
  • Roles-based permission management
  • Encryption of all data in transit
  • Server hard-drive encryption
  • Hosted in Tier IV data-centers in Luxembourg
  • Nightly backups to off-site location
  • Customizable to your specific needs
  • Support in LB, EN, DE and FR

At the touch of a key… is designed from the get-go to be fast to pick up, both for you and your clients alike. We worked hard to create a clean and simple user interface that is intuitive to use, yet blazingly fast.

Every single feature is accessible either by using a mouse or relying on your keyboard alone, making it accessible for new- and power users alike.

As a web-based application, doesn’t require any software to be installed, yet enables you to access your payroll data anytime, from anywhere in the world, while additional modules – such as file synchronisation – allow you to integrate it deeper into your current infrastructure.

… versatile and modular is currently composed of three distinct modules – with several more to come:

  • A time-keeping,
  • a payslip dispatching
  • and a digital archiving module.

With fully customizable time-codes, your clients will get access to a time-keeping interface that is adapted to their respective sector and individual needs.'s payslip dispatching module takes care of splitting, securely dispatching and notifying your individual clients and their employees about newly available documents uploaded to the platform.

With extracting all necessary information directly from your payslips, no additional configuration is required.

Standing on the shoulders of giants…

While brings payroll management to the web and adds a number of new functionalities, it does not try to re-invent the wheel.

When it comes down to calculating salaries, keeping a ledger of leave days and generating documentation for the social security administration (CCSS), relies on Softkis' SM3 which has proven to be one of the most reliable salary calculation application on the Luxembourgian market today. integrates seamlessly with SM3, importing and exporting company- and employee lists as well as payslips and salary-tax information generated by SM3.

…in the clouds over Luxembourg

All systems are hosted in – and backed-up to – highly secure tier-IV data-centers in Luxembourg.

Your data staying safe, continuously available and easily recoverable is most important to us. 24/7 monitoring of all of's systems makes sure that the platform is available at any time of the day. was designed with privacy by default in mind. The bare minimum of data is transferred – through encrypted channels only – between the platform, SM3 and your local workstations.

By hosting all sensitive data on secured and encrypted cloud storage, makes sure you comply with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by safekeeping your clients' and their employees' personal data.

Pricing is made available to the customer under a software as a service (SaaS) model with monthly billing cycles.
Individual components may optionally be hosted on-premise.

A dedicated instance of is set up and licensed for the exclusive use of each fiduciary and their clients.

Services included in the foundation license are:

  • A subdomain of to access your dedicated instance.
  • Hosting of your and your clients’ files inside an encrypted file storage solution.
  • Nightly back-ups of up to 5 GB of time-sheet data and files to an off-site server.
  • Support by email and telephone during office hours (09h00-18h00).
  • Optionally the installation and configuration of file-storage synchronisation on up to 3 workstations.'s modular and flexible set-up, as well as the regressive pricing model allow you to pay as you go – and only for those components you need:

100-500 salaries*

1,00 monthly

  • Includes
  • platform core (PPC)
  • Payslip dispatching module (PDM)
  • Timekeeping module (TKM)
  • 5 GB encrypted cloud-storage
501-1000 salaries

0,85 monthly

  • Includes
  • platform core (PPC)
  • Payslip dispatching module (PDM)
  • Timekeeping module (TKM)
  • 7,5 GB encrypted cloud-storage
1000+ salaries

0,70 monthly

  • Includes
  • platform core (PPC)
  • Payslip dispatching module (PDM)
  • Timekeeping module (TKM)
  • 10 GB encrypted cloud-storage

Price per user, billed monthly, VAT excluded.
Based on the minimum number of salaries as described in each pack.

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