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June not only brings us higher temperatures and falling COVID-19 infection rates, it also brings a range of long-awaited updates to Version 1.6.66 (we’re not of the superstitious kind) released on June 16th brings a set of new features, the most notable of which are new types and new methods of exporting data, integration with your VoIP provider’s PBX for number look-up and CRM functionality and, last but not least, a versatile notification and form-builder.

We’ll step through all those points in a moment and follow up with a brief outlook of what is yet to come in the short-term.

New export types

Those of you who use the kurono time-tracking module may now export the detailed time-entries – including GPS coordinates, if stored – to Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) or simply CSV format. This gives you a simple means to become compliant with ITM and EU requirements on time-tracking and transmit the data in a standardized format to the authorities in case of need.

We have also included a nifty little feature regarding monthly time-sheet exports in this release. You’ll notice that the export button has slightly evolved, offering you to export and download only those employees’ entries that have changed since the last export. Making adjustments in and re-importing no longer means re-calculating payroll for all employees, but only those where data has actually changed, constituting yet another time-saver.

Under the hood, exports have already undergone further changes and we’re planning on announcing further features in a subsequent issue of our updates newsletter.

PBX integration

HRM, CRM, ERP… what have you not. We know that there are a lot of solution on the market that do one thing and do it well, and we couldn’t agree more with that philosophy. However, when it comes down to data, you don’t necessarily want to spread it over half a dozen different applications and databases. And your instance most likely already includes your most valuable data: your client database. That is why we now offer to integrate with with your Private Branch eXchange (PBX) system. We’re starting small but we have big plans. With release 1.6.66 we bring you look-up functionality. By tying your instance to your PBX, the phone system will be able to use as a back-end to look up callers from phone numbers. Have your phones display which client and perhaps even which person is calling without the need to manage your customer database in several places at once.

The coming releases will build on this to offer further functionality:

This functionality has been tested against our own VoIP provider MIXvoip. Should you want to use this functionality, please get in touch with us for help on how to adapt your configuration. Should you be using a provider other than MIXvoip, please also get in touch with us, we’d love to make sure this works with just about any VoIP provider offering a similar API.

Notification- and Form-Builder

You might have been using our notifications feature in the past, but let’s be honest, that was more of a half-baked solution. With this release, we’re re-introducing notifications, this time in a complete package that comes with a query editor for targeting only those clients that need to see your notification, an editor for multi-lingual notification messages, and, most importantly, a powerful form-builder that allows you to create your own forms for simple or intricate surveys.

Using the query editor, target for instance only managers of limited liability (S.à r.l.) companies active in the communications sector. Schedule the notification to run from Monday to Sunday and include an interactive form.

Indeed, forms can include conditional fields that show or hide based on entered values. For the technically savvy among you (or with a little help from our support team), create complex forms that run code, calculate values, display messages and more, all reacting to user input.


We reckon these might not have been the smash hits you’re waiting on, but a lot is going on behind the scenes and we’re looking forward to releasing new functionality over the coming months that will gradually turn into a universal utility and communication hub for your company or fiduciary.

Export more import and export types, more automation, improved document management, advanced permission management, integration with other third-party platforms and features around the best part of working-life: paid time off! ;)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to .