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Release 1.6 is live

Introducing EDM

A new module for electronic document management (EDM) is available. It allows the transfer and archiving of any type of files related to payroll or accounting. thus speeds up and optimises the exchange of documents and information between you and your clients, by eliminating the need to send and receive e-mails or, worse, to transport several kilos of folders, and thus centralising all exchanges on a single platform under your control. The EDM of, which can be adapted according to your needs, thus forms the basis of an increasingly versatile platform.

Improved User Experience

We have split the dashboard into two sections to separate accounting and human resources, to accommodate the new panels and functionality that have been added with the GED.

As for our “Kurono” time recording system, we have improved the display and filters in the report table to give you a better overview.

We have also added the ability to determine which signature is used when sending email notifications. Therefore, when sending e-mails to notify employees about the creation of their account or about the availability of their pay slips, you can choose whether to use your company’s signature or that of your customer as your signature.

There is also a change for imports, which now support pay slips with multiple PDF pages.

Furthermore is now also available in Portuguese.

Flexible User Accounts

Further additions can be found at the user account level:

For people who work in or manage several companies, it is now possible to view all their documents with a single account, by changing their profile when they log in or as required.

We have also improved the security of the platform with the support of TOTP (Time-based One-Time-Passwords), a second-factor identifier that each user can activate individually for their account.

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